Welcome Neuvo Supertech Pharmaceutical

The Modern Group, Founded in 1973, has grown into a vibrant organization comprising 8 manufacturing units with states of the art technology located in the state of rajasthan and gujarat. We have a policy of choosing world class technology partners like Siemens AG, Zimmer & Barmag(Germany), Ashtons, TMT (Japan) And Tencate Group, and therefore our products command a premium in the international markets.

In addition to blowless Pharamaceutical business we own and operate 2 high-tech hospitals, one in Mumbai and one in Udaipur.

At our multi-specialty 40-bed hospital in Mumbai. We are equipped with multi modal OT’s, advanced ICU wing, and facilities to handle all modern surgery.

We have a dialysis center in the heart of Mumbai with a capacity to treat 20,000 patients annually on our new state-of-the-art machines. In addition, we have a rehabilitation center in Chhattisgarh, and we regularly carryout medical camps in Rajasthan for eye surgeries.

The site for our latest expansion into the pharmaceutical business is our industrial complex in Vadodara.

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